Watch Jon Rua

Watch Jon Rua

Jon Rua

Broadway Masters Complete Program – 47m

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  • Kurt Froman

    Who else can say they spent their formative dancing years gracing the stage every night at Lincoln Center, then being afforded the opportunity to coach the biggest stars in what would turn out to be one of the most critically acclaimed, Oscar winning films of the 21st century. Kurt Froman went fr...

  • Nick Adams

    We are no stranger to the versatility and immense talents of ensemble performers. But what makes a successful Broadway performer is being able to sustain a dance career while preparing to gracefully step into that leading role. Nick Adams started out performing in the ensembles of Broadway shows ...

  • Paul McGill

    Over the entire series we have brought you interviews with some of the most successful Broadway performers who have originated and starred in some of the most iconic shows and films in modern musical theater history. And you’ve had the opportunity to watch director Paul McGill peel back their lay...